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Written by Riaan Eloff   
Friday, 04 April 2008

Hi all, and welcome to our site

We are a three-piece Lounge/Jazz band consisting of session musicians who provide backing for Riaan Eloff wherever he performs.  When appearing together, we provide background music at restaurants, dinner-parties, tea-parties, weddings, corporate events and just about any other event you can think of.

A little more about each of us:

Jacques Rautenbach is the drummer.  He has been in the music industry for about 18 year.  He has played for acts like Coenie De Villiers, Bok Van Blerk, Anna Davel, Eden and scores of others.

Corné Dannhauser is the bassist.  He has been in the music industry for about the same period (18 years).  He has also played for acts like Nataniël, Coenie De Villiers and a host of others.

Riaan Eloff is the pianist.  He has been in the music industry for about 22 years.  He owns a recording studio where he has recorded various artists over the past 14 years.  He recently completed an instrumental album featuring his piano skills, and plays as a solo act as well.

Our website

Thanks for visiting our site.  please browse around for any info you may require.  You'll find our event calendar on here, you'll also find press info and pictures, along with write-ups about the members.  To contact us for bookings and other information, please click on the Contact Us item on the main menu to your left at the top of this page.

We look forward to providing you with the smoothest background music at your next event.

Enjoy the site!

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